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We are extremely proud of our catering service at Herschel Grammar School. Our cheerful and vibrant team thrive on the challenge of providing a first class service to students and staff. Every year over the past twelve years the number of pupils choosing to eat with us has increased as has the amount of positive feedback from satisfied students and parents.

In fact many schools seek our help and advice in creating their own service provision.

Herschel Grammar School welcomes the media attention that has been given to school catering. We have always adhered to the principles of healthy eating and our standards of service exceed the government food-based standards.

The phrase “school meals” can have connotations of processed, bland, stodgy or junk food. At Herschel Grammar School however we have a different approach, all our food is freshly prepared and cooked by our own talented team. We have a history of producing high quality traditional and appetising meals for pupils and staff alike.

Our team of dedicated staff are forward thinking and embrace food from diverse cultures, we frequently introduce new recipes (including those of celebrated chefs). Our meals are all based on healthy eating principles of reducing fat, sugar and salt whilst increasing fruit, vegetables, fibre, lean meats and fish. All our meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are sourced from local high quality suppliers wherever possible.

"After 5 years the food keeps getting better & better."

"The school offers a wide selection of foods for great value."

“I like the school canteen because I can sit with my friends and eat lunch.”

"I like the canteen ladies. They always smile.”

“It’s clean and the food is great."

Note:  The vast majority of meals are cooked from scratch using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients where possible.  Menus are designed to appeal to pupils and staff from a variety of cultural backgrounds and those with varied dietary preferences.  These menus are subject to change due to current availability.

Updated September 2022


Week 1

Day Main Meal  Vegetarian Meal 
Mon Chicken noodles Vegetable noodles
Tues Peri Peri Chicken with Jacket Wedges and Sweetcorn Vegetable Wrap & Jacket Wedges
Weds Roast Chicken Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables Nutless roast                                                                                  
Thurs   Beef Lasagna & Mixed Salad Vegetable Lasagna with mixed salad                 
Fri Fish fingers with chips and beans Fishless fingers with chips and beans


Week 2

Day          Main Meal  Vegetarian Meal 
Mon Jerk Chicken, Spicy Potato wedges and sweetcorn Vegetable Pasty, Spicy Potato wedges and sweetcorn
Tues Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Pasta Macaroni cheese
Weds Southern Fried Chicken with Diced Potatoes & Green Beans                                             Cheese and Onion Pasty                                                                                             
Thurs  Sausages with Mini Rosti and Peas  Veggie Sausages with Mini Rosti and Peas                                              
Fri Fish fingers with chips and beans Fishless fingers with chips and beans


Week 3

Day Main Meal  Vegetarian Meal                                                                                                                                 
Mon  Chicken Goujons with Diced Potatoes & Mixed Veg Vegetable Nuggets
Tues Pasta Bolognaise  Veggie Bolognaise 
Weds           Burger Bar with Fries and onion rings                                                                                              Veggie Burger, fries and onion rings                                                                          
Thurs Chicken Curry & Rice Vegetable curry and rice
Fri Fish fingers with chips and beans Fishless fingers with chips and beans




Juice Cartons 70p
Water (small bottle) 60p
Ribena Carton 80p
Juice Burst 90p
Bottled water (Flavoured) £1.10
Rubicon Springs £1.10
Yazoo 70p



Cheese/Egg Sandwich £1.60
Vegetarian Sandwich £1.95
Meat Sandwich £2.15
Deepfill Sandwich £2.40
Baguettes/Sub Rolls £2.50
Wraps £2.30
Tuna Pasta Pot £1.95
Feta Pasta Pot £2.15
Chicken Pasta Pot £2.15



Croissant £1.10
Bruschetta 70p
Samosa £1.10
Bacon/Sausage/veg sausage £1.30
Cheese muffin 75p
Garlic bread and cheese 70p
Waffles 70p
Single Piece Fruit 45p
Crisps 80p
Pretzels  £1.00
Cereal Bar 70p
Potato Rosti 80p
Jellies 70p
Fresh Fruit Pots £1.20
Fruity Pots 70p
Small Yoghurt 60p
Large Yoghurt 85p
Cheese and Tomato Melt £1.25
Ciabatta Twist £1.25



Main meal  (non-vegetarian) £3.00
Main meal (vegetarian)  £3.00
Pasta Cup £1.65
Small Pasta  £1.45
Large Pasta  £2.25
Baked potato   £1.35
Baked potato (1 topping)  £2.00
Baked potato (2 toppings)  £2.40
Extra fillings    70p
Paninis £2.45
Biscuits 20p/40p/50p/80p  
Wedges  80p
Roll/butter/cheese £1.00
Ketchup/Mayo sachet 20p


Updated April 2022


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