Staff Contact Details

All staff have a direct phone number that you can use to contact them. Use 01753 967 plus extension number. All extension numbers are available below. 

If your child is absent please send a message using the Parentmail app or phone the direct line of Mrs Iftekhar (Attendance Officer) on 01753 967599.


Ms Joanne Rockall (ext 534) : Headteacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Katrina Rodriguez (ext 519) : Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Michael Bourne (ext 545) : Deputy Headteacher

Mr Steve Devereux (ext 504) : Deputy Headteacher/Online Safety Lead

Mrs Chloe Barton (ext 532) : Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo

Mr Graham Parsons (ext 523) : Assistant Headteacher/Personal Development/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Katrina Rodriguez  (ext 519) : Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Giles Whittaker (ext 549) : Assistant Headteacher    

Mrs Judith Vucic (ext 511) : Business Manager 

Staff List (alphabetical)

Mr Ali Abdar (ext 508): Teacher of Chemistry/Careers Leader

Syara Ahmed (ext 596): Teacher of Art (ECT) (p/t)

Mr Ameen Aslam (ext 590): Teacher of History

Mrs Elizabeth Baugh (ext 509): Teacher of Mathematics (ECT) (p/t)

Mrs Chloe Barton (ext 532): Teacher of PE/Additional Needs Coordinator/Assistant Headteacher

Mr Michael Bourne (ext 545): Teacher of History/Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Síle Bourne (ext 580): Mathematics/Lead Practitioner (p/t)

Mr David Brown (ext 595): Teacher of Physics/Head of Learning Year 7

Mr Taiwo Brown (ext 583): Teacher of Chemistry

Mr Mark Burch (ext 572): Teacher of English/Assistant Head of Faculty

Mrs Emma Callender (ext 548): Head of Drama (p/t)

Mrs Baljinder Chall (ext 562): Head of Psychology

Ms Maria Chenzaie (ext 584): Teacher of English/Assistant Head of Faculty/Acting Diversity Co-ordinator/Pupil Premium Co-ordinator

Ms Rebecca Church (ext 577): Teacher of Biology/KS3 Science Co-ordinator (p/t)

Miss Tracey Clark (ext 506): Head of History

Mrs Lucy Cobb (ext 571): Teacher of PE/2ic PE/Head of Learning Year 10

Mrs Sarah Dearling (ext 546): Teacher of Geography/History (p/t)

Mr Steve Devereux (ext 504): Teacher of Business/Deputy Headteacher

Miss Louise Evans (ext 525): Head of English Faculty (p/t)

Mr Ibrahim Farooq (ext 520): Teacher of Mathematics (ECT)

Mr Pritesh Fatania (ext 591): Head of Physics

Miss Eva Firme (ext 555): Teacher of Physics (p/t)/Eco Schools and STEM Co-ordinator

Miss Ascension Jodar Garcia (ext 524): Teacher of MFL 

Mr Richard Goodman (ext 517): Head of Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics Faculty

Mrs Tana Hunjan (ext 598): Teacher of Modern Languages (p/t)

Mrs Jeevan Jandu (ext 564): Teacher of English/Head of Media Studies

Mei Kamuka (ext 535): Teacher of English

Mrs Jill Keenan (ext 543): Head of Modern Languages Faculty (p/t)

Ms Nusrat Khan (ext 541): Teacher of Mathematics/Young Enterprise Co-ordinator

Mr Christopher Koeberg (ext 542): Teacher of RS/Geography

Mrs Pooja Kothari (ext 597): Teacher of Biology (p/t)

Mrs Lucy Lightfoot (ext 531): Head of Biology (p/t)

Mrs Jane Lilley (ext 528): Head of Creative Arts Faculty/Head of PE

Mrs Taniya Malik (ext 585): Teacher of Mathematics/Assistant Head of Faculty/EPQ Co-ordinator/Assistant Head of Sixth Form/Head of Yr 12/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Jane Marfleet (ext 550): Teacher of Biology/Duke of Edinburgh Manager

Mr Miguel McCann (ext 573): Teacher of Modern Languages/Assistant Head of Faculty

Mr Anthony McCormack (ext 566): Teacher of PE (ECT)

Mr Rob Moore (ext 578): Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Yusuf Moosajee (ext 547): Head of Economics

Mr Brian Noel (ext 527): Head of Business/Online Learning Co-ordinator

Mr Peter Nti (ext 516): Design Technology

Mr Chris O’Donnell (ext 515): Teacher of PE/Head of Learning Year 8

Mr Graham Parsons (ext 523): Teacher of Design Technology/Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Elizabeth Pether (ext 576): Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition

Mr Andrew Piggott (ext 521): Head of Music

Mrs Shilpi Prasad (ext 586): Teacher of Biology

Mrs Neelam Raizada (ext 557): Teacher of Mathematics/Charity Co-ordinator

Mrs Supritha Rao (ext 512): Head of Computing

Mr Ben Roberts (ext 556): Head of Humanities Faculty/Head of Geography

Mrs Katrina Rodriguez (ext 519): Designated Safeguarding Lead/Mental Health Lead/Assistant Headteacher/Modern Languages

Mrs Sarah Ruddy (ext 593): Teacher of Mathematics/Assistant Head of Faculty/PSHCE Coordinator (p/t)

Mrs Sadia Sahi (ext 558): Teacher of English/Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator/HPP Co-ordinator

Ms Savjot Sandhu (ext 559): Teacher of English (Starts after half-term)

Miss Fozia Shafique (ext 540): Head of Art (p/t)

Mrs Catherine Sharpe (ext 538): Head of Sixth Form/Head of Year 13/Head of Government & Politics/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Ian Sharpe (ext 561): Head of Religious Studies/History

Mrs Bridget Smith (ext 536): Head of Design and Technology Faculty/Head of Learning Year 11

Mr Giorgio Soldi (ext 514): Head of Science Faculty/Head of Chemistry

Ms Suzannie Thomas (ext 547): Teacher of Economics

Mrs Angela Turley (ext 594): Teacher of Drama (p/t)

Mr Giles Whittaker (ext 549): Teacher of Geography/Assistant Headteacher

Miss Emma Wood (ext 553): Teacher of Biology/Head of Learning Year 9

Marlon Wright (ext 568): Teacher of Chemistry/Physics

Nausheen Younsi (ext 592): Teacher of Computing

Cover Supervisors

Mr John Gardner (ext 565) (p/t)
Mrs Adeela Anser (ext 544) (p/t)

Support Staff

Mr David Abramovic  Junior IT Technician
Ms Samira Ali
 (ext 575)   Pastoral Support/Transport Co-ordinator
Mrs Julie Angus (ext 552)   Reprographics/Display Assistant/Cover Administrator (p/t)
Mrs Nicola Baker (ext 505)   Office Manager/Sixth Form Admissions - Email:
Mrs Farhana Begum (ext 510)   Admissions Officer
Miss Ann Brook (ext 513)   Catering Manager
Mrs Narinder Chaggar (ext 574)   Senior Science Technician/First Aid
Mrs Karen Crump  Trust HR Manager
Miss Susan Edghill (ext 533)   Trust Senior IT Technician
Mrs Alison Elson (ext 502)   Trust Senior Finance Officer
Miss Jacqueline Friend   Catering Assistant (p/t)
Miss Trina Ghosh (ext 526)   Curriculum Support Assistant
Miss Prima Gouse (ext 587)   Junior IT Technician 
Mrs Thelma Gumbs (ext 588)   Sixth Form Private Study Supervisor (p/t) 
Miss Aishah Gumbs     Catering Assistant (p/t)
Mrs Jacqueline Harte (ext 500)   Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs Saimah Iftekhar 
(ext 599)  Attendance Officer and Engagement Officer
Mrs Katherine Jakeman (ext 522)  Trust Network Manager (p/t)
Mrs Jyoti Kumar  Trust HR Officer
Mr Isaac Liddle (ext 518)  Library Manager
Mrs Kulwinder Mann (ext 569)   Learning Support Assistant (p/t)
Mrs Mariana Mihalcea   Catering Assistant (p/t)
Mrs Susan Munnelly (ext 582)   Technology Technician/Learning Support Assistant (p/t)
Mrs Sheila Nagle Learning Support Assistant (SEN) (p/t)
Mr Ian Nichols (ext 560)   Science Technician
Ms Morgan Nolan
(ext 539)  HLTA ANco 
Mrs Marinda Penhale-Jones
(ext 529)   Sixth Form Private Study Supervisor (p/t) 
Mrs Hazel Pollard (ext 534)   Personal Assistant to the Headteacher/Clerk to the Governors (p/t)
Mrs Tasmiya Quazi (ext 507)   Finance Assistant (p/t)
Mrs Sally Reed (ext 579)   Technology Technician (p/t)
Mr Jose Rodriguez (ext 567)   Examinations and Data Administrator (p/t)
Mr Richard Schroder     Exams and Data Manager 
Mrs Rani Sellaththurai  Catering Assistant (p/t)
Mr Lewis Shah (ext 570)   Maintenance/Caretaker/First Aid
Mrs Swapnal Shahir      Science Technician

Mrs Maggie Smaljaj (ext 554)   Medical Needs Co-ordinator (p/t)
Mr Bruce Smeath (ext 537)   Technology Technician/Webmaster/First Aid (p/t)
Mr Philip Vance (ext 551)   Site Manager 
Mrs Judith Vucic (ext 511)   Trust CFO Business Manager
Mrs Vivien Woodin (ext 501)   Curriculum Support Officer (p/t)

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