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If you are thinking about a future in law, you might be wondering how to start your studies earlier or acquire useful experience before enrolling in law school. One choice is to join a club like Magistrate Mock Trials, which offers a special chance to experience the legal system in action and obtain insights into how it functions. 

Hello, my name is David Essien, and I participated in a club/competition called Magistrate Mock Trials. Magistrate Mock Trials is a club where members take on the roles of lawyers, magistrates, witnesses, and workers in the law sector to replicate the experience of a courtroom trial. The group holds mock trials based on civil cases so that participants can demonstrate their legal expertise, debating prowess, and capacity for critical thought in a mock courtroom. 

By participating in Magistrate Mock Trials, members gain a deep understanding of the legal process and develop the skills required to become successful lawyers. They learn how to conduct legal research, analyze evidence, draft legal documents, and present their arguments in a persuasive manner. They also get to experience the pressure of the courtroom and the importance of quick thinking and adaptability in a fast-paced legal environment. 

In addition to providing valuable learning opportunities, Magistrate Mock Trials also helps members build a strong network of peers and mentors in the legal field. Members get to meet and interact with experienced lawyers, judges, and law students who offer guidance, support, and advice on how to pursue a career in law. They also get to form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share their passion for law and justice. 

Joining a club like Magistrate Mock Trial can be a great way to get a taste of what it's like to work in the legal sector and gain valuable experience that can set you apart from other law school applicants. It can also help you determine whether a career in law is right for you and provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this demanding field. 

In this club, I played the role of the defendant, who is accused of a crime or civil wrongdoing – in our case the latter. The defendant is entitled to a defence against the charges and is deemed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court. When being asked questions by the opposing lawyers, I had to fully know my statement and have the ability to think on my feet, exactly the case for a real defendant. In conclusion, it is an excellent club for anyone interested in studying law or pursuing a career in the legal sector. By providing a realistic simulation of courtroom trials, it offers members a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop the skills needed to succeed as a lawyer. Joining this club can be a great way to jumpstart your legal career and build a strong network of peers and mentors who can support you along the way. In my opinion, I extremely enjoyed this club/competition, and I am going for it next year, and fully recommend it to anyone. 



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