Government & Politics

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Mrs C Sharpe (Head of Department)

Qualifications to Start the Course

Expected GCSE requirement for A Level study at the Herschel Consortium. If based at Herschel Grammar School, these must include at least a Grade B in English Language and preferably a Grade B or above in History/Humanities/Social Sciences. If based at The Westgate School, these should preferably include at least a Grade B in these subjects. If you have a lively and enquiring mind, and a desire to explore new ideas, this is the option for you.

Department Overview

The course involves investigating the political institutions of Britain and Europe. We will look at the major parties and how they think, the Houses of Parliament, elections, the Civil Service and the laws that rule us: all will be examined in depth. If you enjoy reading about controversial issues such as law and order, Northern Ireland and anti-terror laws, this AS should be one of your choices. You will be expected to read widely and write essays of course, but more important is your willingness to debate ideas with others, and have opinions of your own. A love of current affairs, newspapers and debating is essential. Government & Politics is an excellent qualification for those of you thinking of a career in Law, the Media and of course Government itself. We visit the Houses of Parliament, attend study seminars in London and meet the politicians themselves. You will be taught by experienced teachers who are Edexcel examiners and moderators. Government & Politics has excellent pass rates and pupils often achieve the highest grades.

If based at Herschel Grammar School, at AS Level you will study:

Unit 1: People & Politics
Unit 2: Governing the UK

At A2 Level you will study:
Unit 3: Key Themes in Political Analysis
Unit 4: Extended Themes in Political Analysis


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