In-Year Admissions

Years 7 – 11 Entry (non 11+)

Most pupils join Herschel Grammar School at the start of Year 7, having reached the eligibility score in the 11+ entrance examination.  However, there may be reasons why you wish us to consider admission for your child during Years 7 to 11 eg you may have moved into the area.

Herschel Grammar School is over-subscribed; however, places do occasionally become available which means we are able to consider new pupils for admission. As a selective school, your son or daughter must sit an entrance examination based before a place can be offered. We may also request a copy of the most recent school report from your child's current school.

If you wish your child to be considered for a place, please complete the admissions form (download below), and return to  Once we have received the form, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you. And you wil be invited to attend one of our testing mornings.  For 2022/23 the dates are:

24 November 2022

23 March 2023

22 June 2023

If we have availability and your child is eligible, places will be allocated in line with our Determined Admissions Arrangements.

Applicants who have previously sat the Consortium 11+ test for entry into Year 7, but did not attain a score of at least 111 cannot be considered for in-year entry in Year 7.

Also, if your child left a previous school as a result of permanent exclusion, you must declare this on the admissions form.

Once your child has sat our in-year entrance examinations if you need to appeal, you can request an in-year appeal form from the Clerk.  You should write to the Clerk to the Appeals Panel, PO Box 4235, Slough, Berkshire SL3 3FP, requesting an in-year appeal form within 2 weeks of receipt of your child's result letter.  Your completed appeal form and evidence must be returned to the Clerk.  Your appeal will be heard within 30 school days upon receipt of the completed appeal form.

To apply, please send the completed admission form and a recent school report to:

Email – 

Post – Admissions Officer, Herschel Grammar School, Northampton Avenue, Slough SL1 3BW

Please note – if you are applying for a place in the sixth form, please do not use this form.


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