House System

Herschel Grammar School is named after Sir William Herschel and his sister Caroline Herschel.  ​

They were both German-born British astronomers and composers, who are widely credited as the founders of sidereal astronomy for observing the heavenly bodies. William found the planet Uranus and its two moons and formulated a theory of stellar evolution. Knighted in 1816, William was also the first astronomer to suggest that nebulae are composed of stars. Whilst his sister Caroline is credited with the discovery of several comets. She was also the first woman to be paid for her contribution to science. 

There are 5 houses across the school:

A group of stars found in the constellation 'Hydra', the water snake.
A giant star located in the constellation 'Taurus', the celestial bull.
The brightest star in the constellation 'Leo', the lion.
The brightest star in the sky, in the constellation 'Canis Major', the greater dog.
Located in the constellation 'Auriga', and also known as the goat star.

Throughout the school year there are a range of student and staff competitions held so that everyone can get involved in trying to achieve house points. The house that has the most points at the end of each term, has their house colour ribbons attached to the house trophy. This is displayed in the school foyer. 

Here is the link to the most updated results:

HGS House Points (


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