Maths Feast Event

22 March 2023

On Friday 3rd March, eight Year 10 students represented Herschel Grammar School at the local AMSP Maths Feast Event at Langley Grammar School.

Maths Feast is a fun educational challenge for Year 10 students which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Teams of four students test their maths skills on an all-you-can-eat feast of problems!

There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success.


Having met regularly this term to prepare for the event, our two teams of students were eager and optimistic as they headed off to the event. 

They performed exceptionally well across all rounds and really enjoyed the day whilst learning something valuable about working as a team together! Well done to the eight HGS students involved. 


Maths Feast Team members:

Miman Lama

Warda Gul Khan

Idhanth Krishnatray

Vaibhav Nadipalli

Neehal Nagabhyrava

Mahum Fatima Qadeer

Ahsan Saleem

Manya Yejju



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