Textiles Technology


Curriculum Overview

At GCSE, the course is designed to encourage pupils to:

  • Design and make quality textile products in quantity using CAD/CAM
  • Acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding through analysing and evaluating products and processes
  • Engage in focused tasks to develop and demonstrate techniques
  • Develop ideas, plan and produce products
  • Develop independent learning skills
  • Be able to demonstrate a range of skill and ability through hand and machine stitching
  • Use of decorative and construction techniques in the making of high quality products
  • Gain an understanding of fibres and fabrics

Pupils will gain knowledge of textile materials, components, processes and techniques. Industrial practices are studied and pupils must show evidence of ICT skills throughout the course.

Assessment Procedures

An extended piece of research, design and make coursework completed over 40 hours : 60%

Written examination : 40%

After KS4/Future Careers

Possible career options include Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Buying, Marketing, Textiles Design and Interior Design.