Graphic Products

 MG 0151a

Aims of the Course

This course offers students opportunities to develop their creative ability using a range of visual media and graphic techniques. They will develop an understanding of the influences of the design industry on society as well as the role of the designer in marketing and product development. They will acquire and develop a range of drawing, modelling and presentation skills.

Course Content

GCSE Graphic Products is primarily a practical course, with a theory element designed to increase understanding of materials, processes and the environmental/social impact of design and manufacturing.
The course involves students in:

  • Using graphic techniques and ICT, including digital imaging and CAD/CAM to generate, develop, model and communicate design proposals;
  • understanding the basic design principles of line, form and colour;
  • producing 2D and 3D freehand drawings;
  • using a range of graphic media (pencils, airbrush, inks, paints etc.)
  • acquiring knowledge and skills to create 3D prototypes;
  • Acquiring knowledge about a range of materials & processes related to graphic design, including paper/card, plastics, printing, print finishing and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).

Assessment Procedures

Coursework: (60%) Approximately 40 hours, mostly in school

Coursework consists of a project which addresses all the assessment objectives in an integrated way. The evidence required for the project consists of a 3-dimensional product and a concise design folder and/or the appropriate ICT evidence.

Written Paper (40%) a 2-hour written paper

Questions will test the application of knowledge and understanding of materials, components, processes, techniques, technologies and the evaluation of commercial practices and graphic products.

After KS4/Future Careers

This is an ideal preparation for AS Product design, or post-16 design courses.

Good preparation for careers in Graphic Design, Advertising, Interior design and the visual media. Skills learned also support Business and Media Studies, Art and Design and Engineering studies.