Summer School 2021

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Great Turnout!

142 pupils benefitted from the summer school – 95% of the new year 7 cohort. Attendance each day was extremely high, with only a small number of pupils unable to complete all five days due to unforeseen circumstances.

As a result of this excellent uptake, a decision was made to have pupils in their tutor groups, to help them to make friends that will be in most of their year 7 classes. Over 90% of the attendees agreed that they had made new friends during the summer school!

“Summer camp is 100% something to appreciate! I met loads of friends.” – Easah

“My favourite part about summer school is meeting and making new friends before the real first day of school.” – Ayaan

“Summer school has really boosted my confidence for starting secondary school” – Saanvi

Numeracy and Literacy Booster

After a tough 18 months, it was great to be able to offer small group sessions with our dedicated team of subject-specific staff, to provide an invaluable boost to their already excellent numeracy and literacy skills. Pupils enjoyed improving their descriptive writing in our themed literacy classrooms, and working on their algebra and data analysis through fun in their maths lessons!

Close to 90% of pupils claimed to have learned how to use language and structural techniques in their descriptive writing, with more than 90% agreeing that they had consolidated knowledge of substituting values into algebraic equations.

“I really liked how we learnt something in a fun and productive way as it really  helped to enhance my skills.” – Lakshan

“I really liked how the teachers got us to learn subjects in really fun ways, like how we got to play Ludo in maths but did maths at the same time.” – Dithusha

Range of Activities

Pupils were offered a huge range of activities alongside their numeracy and literacy – everything from sport and drama, to bug hunting and rocket launching! Approximately 80% of pupils felt that they had improved their communication and teamwork skills as a result. Most importantly, 100% of parents claimed that their child was more confident about starting school in September, as a result of attending the summer school, with 99% agreeing that a good range of activities were on offer.

“We got to do various activities I never did before such as bug hunting, and they were really fun and educational.” - Ashvikaa

“I enjoyed meeting all these new people, helping me work on my social skills and all the variety of subjects and activities that I was able to fit in one day.” – Praabi

“We’re a Knockout”

A definite highlight for many, pupils built on their new relationships and improved their teamwork skills via some inflatable obstacle challenges! Diving through hoops and bouncing down slides, pupils worked together to earn points for their teams.

“I really enjoyed the inflatables day because we got to work in teams to complete fun inflatable activities.” – Anayah

“I liked the ‘We’re a Knockout’ competition because I like bouncy castles and I enjoyed working together with my friends.” - Uddyan


Field Trip

As part of the summer school, pupils were taken on a trip to Kew Gardens, where they learned how to sample plants and animals, as well as completing a treasure hunt in their teams. As well as being lots of fun, pupils had the chance to spend some quality time with a small group of their peers, and a member of Herschel staff.

“I enjoyed the school trip at Kew Gardens, especially the bug capturing.” - Simar


Getting Active!

Since we have all been stuck indoors a lot recently, we used summer school as a great excuse to get our pupils improving their physical wellbeing, through a range of fast paced sporting activities, including some cricket which seems to have proved very popular! Pupils also enjoyed an obstacle course in our sports hall on their first day, and a very competitive treasure hunt on the final day! This also gave pupils an opportunity to use more of our school facilities, including the Astro turf pitch and the field.

“I really liked the fun activities such as cricket and the treasure hunt.” – Aathavan

“I really liked summer school, especially the physical activities like the treasure hunt.” – Noel

“I really liked to play the sports games like team building.” - Harjeev

Excellent Feedback

Feedback from pupils and parents has been overwhelmingly positive, with 99% of parents agreeing that their child enjoyed the experience. Of parents that provided their feedback, an amazing 100% agreed that their child felt more confident about starting secondary school in September. It is also great to know that 100% of parents felt that the summer school was well organised, and that communication from the school was both clear and helpful.

“My daughter loved the whole experience. It was an excellent start of their secondary school. Appreciate the effort of the whole team!”

“Excellent way to start the secondary school. My child is confident and comfortable with the teachers and students. He had lots of fun filled learning. Thank you for organising this.”

“Fabulously organised and parents kept informed every day. My child enjoyed it.”

“The summer school was a great opportunity for my daughter to make new friends as she didn’t know anyone beforehand.”


A huge thank you to our team of staff for making this summer school possible, and to our indispensable Year 11 helpers who made the experience even more enjoyable for our new Year 7 cohort. And of course, thank you to the pupils for getting stuck in and being amazing!



Costings are as follows:

Grant from DFE




Staffing costs, including admin support and student helpers




External activities ("We're a Knockout" and "Talk The Talk")




Kew Gardens Trip


T-shirts and Lanyards


Pupil Equipment (including water bottles, bags, books, and stationery)


School Equipment for Activities


Total Expenditure