Student Reflections


Anthea Cheung   
Head Girl       


   Oliver Coombe
       Head Boy

On behalf of everyone in our sixth form we would like to welcome you to Herschel Grammar School. We hope you enjoyed our Sixth Form Open Evening and meeting members of our school community. As a student at Herschel Sixth Form, you will not only be a part of a close-knit community, but you will learn so many transferable life skills which you will carry forward in the future.

Academic success ultimately stems from hard work and resilience, and at Herschel we have the resources and teachers to support you every step of the way. There is an excellent standard of teaching in our sixth form, involving interactive learning, past papers and up-to-date resources. Our personal experience has been exceptional, as teachers have provided 1:1 support, whether we are having troubles with our learning or any more general worries. Alongside the teaching staff, Mrs Gumbs, our Sixth Form Centre supervisor, is at the heart of the day-to-day life of our sixth form community. She provides constant support throughout the year.

Herschel has a dedicated building for sixth formers. In this area we have outstanding facilities to aid your learning. In the study room and pod with computers, you will work under supervision during your study periods. We also have an exam hall and two silent study rooms allocated for revision, and you are always welcome to study in the main school library where there is a collection of education magazines, university prospectuses, revision books and fiction books all available to borrow. The combination of these four work spaces enables all students to be able to work in an environment they find most productive. During break and lunch, you can chill out in the common room and the canteen provides a wide selection of tasty meals including hot meals, salads, paninis, sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

The standard of teaching is above and beyond and students leave classrooms feeling inspired. A-Level exam results are strong and improve year by year. Our school also recognises the importance of extra-curricular activities. Having weekly “wellbeing” lessons gives us the opportunity to take part in team sports, visit The Centre across the road to do swimming or gym, as well as take part in drama lessons, art classes and cooking. The teachers have also added extra modules like learning how to perform CPR and working out our finances. Some of the after-school clubs we offer are Bhangra society, diversity club, coding club, badminton, dance, netball, football and much more. The school also has charity days where we have the chance to show support for local charities and have some fun such as the Race for Life and Christmas jumper day.

At Herschel, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise Competition, Bar Mock Trial, and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. There are a wide variety of leadership opportunities as well. These involve becoming a senior prefect, a Sports Captain, a Sustainability Captain, or a Mental Health Ambassador. You will be able to work on your leadership, teamwork and communication skills, and after finishing studying at Herschel you will be set up for your future, whether this is an apprenticeship, university, gap year or a full-time job.

Throughout the two years there are many opportunities to go on exciting trips, e.g. the Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition. We also have an annual ski trip and if you take History or Geography A-Level, there will be specific trips to aid your learning, like fieldwork trips and visiting Berlin. At the end of Year 13, there will an opportunity to apply for a travel scholarship, where you will plan your own 3-week trip away, exploring a country you have never been to – last year students visited Vietnam and China! Some of the day trips we have been able to go on are: lectures, Safe Drive Stay Alive, theatre trips, education days, university visits, Whipsnade Zoo and many more. There are also several activity days throughout the year which are run by senior prefects.

Herschel is constantly trying to help us prepare for our future by providing us with opportunities to attend relevant work experience or higher education expeditions. We also have access to career advisors and workshops. Herschel gives Year 12 students the chance to give back to our local community, whether this is volunteering at the local nursery, primary school, afterschool clubs or helping in a lesson. There will also be opportunities to complete the Extended Project Qualification or Core Maths, which are each worth half an A-Level.

Studying at Herschel Grammar School will develop your interpersonal skills and leave you with a strong academic foundation, no matter what you choose to pursue. Herschel has a warm and vibrant atmosphere built on an ethos of mutual trust, high academic standards and a commitment to nurturing and developing every individual student. Our experience is that the school provides the very best opportunities to ensure every student achieves their potential and beyond. The heart of Herschel is the diverse range of students and the relationships we form with each other, developing lifelong memories.

We hope you will enjoy finding out more about what we have to offer. Good luck in your GCSE exams and we look forward to you joining our Sixth Form.