Phil Vance

Hi, my name is Phil Vance and I am a Staff Governor here at Herschel. I have been the Site Manager here for 13 years, which is a role that I enjoy very much.  Away from my work I have many varied interests, most of them sporting. My interest in football has changed with the years, and I have gone from playing semi-professional to Sunday league, to 5 aside, to the armchair where I follow Crystal Palace on a season to season roller coaster ride. Rugby is another keen interest, club and international, Cardiff being my birthplace will tell you which side of the fence I fall on…….My misspent youth was taken up from the age of 16 riding professional Speedway all over the country. Alongside which I also rode Grasstrack racing and qualified for the British Masters final and won the Southern centre championship. Nowadays I keep fit on lengthy walks with my two dogs.

I am in my seventh year of Governorship and have found it to be interesting and challenging. Attending the regular meetings, combined with Governor training ensures that I have a broad understanding of the role. As you would expect from my job, I am very much at home in my role on the buildings committee. Getting Herschel up to speed with Health and Safety has been a challenge. I have taken on the role of Health and Safety governor, and I am now confident Herschel is up to the high standard required for our students and staff. My commitment is to help deliver outstanding facilities for our outstanding school. The above encompasses many of the reasons I became a school Governor, and continue to always be available on site to serve staff interests and bring them to the Governing body if required.