Jigar Trivedi

My name is Dr Jigar J Trivedi, and I am a local GP Partner within the Slough area. I have joined Herschel’s board of Governors with a view to better support our local students in their journey to academic excellence. To help improve our local community, I am also an active Councillor for the Parish of Farnham Common and Farnham Royal, as well as an active participant in several local charities.

As an avid traveller I have lived and worked across 5 countries. My journey has taken me on several adventures ranging from trekking the Annapurna circuit to reach Mount Everest base camp, white water rafting, and spelunking into dormant volcanoes.

I have joined Herschel Grammar School’s board of Governors with a view to help our local students maintain the high standards of achievement, whilst acting as a role model for those who feel torn between their ambition and their passion for life.