Giorgio Soldi

I am Giorgio Soldi, a staff governor at Herschel.  I am the Head of Science and have been at the school for almost 15 years (and I still enjoy working here!).

I’ve been a governor for almost five years and decided to offer myself as a staff governor as a chance to support the school outside of my usual role as a classroom teacher and to use my experience to help make informed decisions regarding the many issues that may arise.  It is similar to the one of the reasons I became a teacher – to give something back for all the years of education that I received.

Outside of work I am a family man and have a very extensive collection of comic books – this is my not-at-all guilty pleasure!  I lead my local Cub pack (for those of you that were in scouting or have children in it – I’m ‘Akela’) although I often wonder why I volunteered to essentially plan more lessons and spend another hour and a half each week keeping children entertained (especially now that neither of my children are in Cubs!).

It is good to see that the governing body is maintaining the values that have kept me at Herschel and I hope that the decisions I have helped make are keeping Herschel as the school that supports and helps pupils to develop as young people.