Exam Results


2021 has seen another record set of results.  We are so pleased to announce 52% of our grades at GCSE were graded 8 or 9 in 2021.   Our success at GCSE is a combination of so many factors that it is impossible to list them all. These results are a result of many years of hard work and perseverance.  Well done to everyone involved. 

A level Outcomes

We are delighted with this year's A-Level results. It has been a very challenging two years for our students, and they have worked very, very hard and coped with huge amounts of uncertainty. I'm exceptionally proud of what they have achieved and of all the staff in school who have supported them. Ms Rockall.

Due to the cancellation of examinations in 2020 and 2021 national comparison data is not available for these years.  For a full breakdown of our 2019 results please visit https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/137726/herschel-grammar-school/secondary