Year 9 district rounders tournament

Rounders Yr9

By Harman Gill

On Wednesday 26th June, the year 9 girls rounders team participated in a district rounders tournament which was held at our school. We started the tournament feeling quite anxious, not sure if we would do well. After winning our first match, we began to feel more confident and as the afternoon progressed, our winning streak continued. Eventually, after coming top in our group, we progressed to the semi-finals.

Despite our doubts, we succeeded once more – we were in the finals!

The final match was against Westgate School. It was an extremely competitive and tense match: the teachers couldn’t even bear to watch! Our opponents were first to bat, and they played well but we fought hard to ensure that the number of rounders they received remained low. Finally, it was our turn to bat. After 20 bowls, we were neck and neck with our opponents. We had just one bowl left to snatch the win. Maryum was our last batter, everything was resting on her shoulders. As the ball approached her, we bit our nails with dread but whack! The ball went flying halfway across the field.

Maryum had done it, victory was ours!

It was a long day; we were hot, tired and manic but it was all worth it. Hard luck to Westgate who played tremendously well and showed great sportsmanship. Now, it’s time for us to look forward to the free Mcdonald’s Mrs Lilley has promised us!