Year 9 Market Trader Challenge

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By Riya Gupta, Year 9
On Monday 18th November, Adam Corbally, runner-up in the BBC’s 2012 series of ‘The Apprentice’, came to our school to help educate us on starting up a business. The morning started off with us learning about Adam and his life story. He taught us a great lesson: even if life hits rock-bottom, if you have the right attitude you can do anything. He talked about how he had a time just as he came out of school when his life was not going as he planned. He changed his attitude and his life turned around by itself.

We were put into teams of six and asked to come up with a business plan for a market stall. We had to come up with an original idea to beat the other teams and it had to still had to be cost-effective. We had to handle the expense of all the products we would sell at the stall and the hire price for the stall. Not only this, but we had to have a finished copy of a business plan to present to the Herschel judges as well as Adam himself.

In fact, Adam went to visit every group as they were building their businesses. There were different roles assigned to different people. For example, the marketing executive would handle how we would get the word out about our company. We also had a designing head to manage the logo and leaflets for the company.

All in all, it was a great experience to give us an insight into how a business works.

By Jeevan Dhanda, Year 9
The Market Trader challenge really helped with my team-working, leadership and pitching skills, all of which are extremely important to have in the workplace. Surprisingly, my favourite part of the day was pitching my team's idea in front of my year group as it put me out of my comfort zone by making me do something I wouldn't necessarily do. After the pitch, the results were announced and to our team's delight, we came second!

By Harshini Murugan, Year 9
Adam Corbally, from BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, came to our school to talk to us about how to become a successful entrepreneur and his life story. He also talked about having creativity and why it is good for us to help us in the competition. We had four periods to plan ideas about our ‘business’, create a pitch/presentation and show it to our class. Then teachers from each classroom had to select a team to go into the finals based on their presentation. During the presentations in the Hall, I saw many amazing pitches and often how their products helped the environment too! I really enjoyed learning and participating in the competition and congrats to the teams and individuals who won!