Year 10 Geography Fieldwork

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On Friday 12th October 2018, some of the students studying Geography for GCSE went on an educational trip to the River Chess, in order to expand their knowledge of rivers.

After a half an hour drive to the destination, we were welcomed by a member of staff that work at Amersham Field Centre. Our aim was to investigate how and why drainage basin and channel characteristics influence flood risk along the River Chess.

Once we were given a brief of what had to be done, and how we were going to achieve it, we made our way to the first part of the river, which was in the upper course.

Once we had arrived, we were assigned into groups, and tested the rivers velocity, depth, width, etc. Then we had completed a field sketch and annotated key parts that would affect flooding.

Once this was complete, we made our way to the lower course of the river. Before repeating the process, we had lunch. Once we finished eating, we had repeated what we did to the first part of the river and compared how the upper course of a river is different to the lower course of a river.

Then we returned to the Field Centre and completed a worksheet testing what we learnt that day.

This was a very fun, engaging, and beneficial trip for all of us.

Kaarthav Madabhushi, Year 10