Work Experience at IBM


All students in Year 12 have had the opportunity to sign up for Pathway CTM and we were encouraged to use it therefore I decided to take a look, since there’s no harm in trying! 

Thankfully I did, because it was an extremely useful website, not only for work experience but for future apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships. It was quite easy to navigate through the website because it enables you to apply filters to your personal needs. I was interested in Computer Science as a future career field and after searching through a few pages I found a two-day work experience with IBM. 

IBM is a worldwide recognised technology company and therefore without a second thought I decided to apply. The work experience was from 9-10th July and so I travelled to Southbank, London. 

Not only was I fortunate to have a view of the London Eye and the River Thames outside the building, I was able to work in an aesthetically pleasing building with a modern vibe. There were sixteen of us and during the two days we were given an immense insight into the apprenticeships, gap year program and degree apprenticeships offered by IBM as well as being able to speak to the workers on those programs. Furthermore, we were provided with tips to help us stand out as a successful candidate and carried out tasks that would be completed in a typical assessment centre for a job. 

It was extremely refreshing to get a view of an alternative path to university, since not everyone wants to go down the typical university route and the benefits offered by apprenticeships are incredible. It was extremely useful that we were introduced into the world of work and how grades alone can’t define you and to be successful an abundance of transferrable and soft skills is required. 

The staff looked after us extremely well, as well as informing us of the different sectors available in IBM which can be useful to a wide range of people. Not only did the work experience help in an educational way, it also helped us for the future when we go into the world of work. This was extremely helpful and I know for a fact that I would not have stumbled upon this if it weren’t for the Pathway CTM website. So if you’re a determined student wanting experience in a particular field or even checking out other routes of further education I recommend you check out the website, which is full of exciting and beneficial opportunities.

Mithara De Alwis, Year 12