Visit to Brasenose College

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A group of our high-flying Year 11 students spent a day at Brasenose College, at the University of Oxford, gaining first hand experience of what it would be like to study there.

Dr Joe Organ, the schools officer for Brasenose and our link to the university, spoke to the group about university in general and the University of Oxford more specifically, and ran a short academic tutorial with them, Oxford style! The students now have a better idea of how to date pottery, but more importantly showed their skills of logic and their ability to think through something they knew little about - the kind of skills that are valued at university.

The students also had a tour of Brasenose College, visiting some student accommodation, the JCR and the Library, and got out and about for a tour of central Oxford too, visiting an exhibition at 'the Bod' and the largest bookshop they had ever seen! Lunch in the Brasenose dining hall was also a highlight of the day.

It was great to catch up with Herschel alumni Damayanti Chatterjee, now in her second year at Brasenose College studying PPE.

Hopefully the visit gave our Year 11 students an insight into what could await them if they perform well in their forthcoming exams and in future ones.