Tents for the Homeless

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Mrs Lyons in the school kitchen has been working with Slough Outreach now for some while, providing delicious hot soup and pasta on a weekly basis for some of the most vulnerable people in our community, funded by money donated by our Key Stage 3 students.

Now her work has been ‘supercharged’ by a kind donation from our current school roofing contractor, NRA Roofing and Flooring Services. There was a slight mix-up with the start date for the roofing works, so by way of compensation the company very kindly donated the money for us to put towards any charity work of our choice. Not only does this mean that Mrs Lyons’ funding to continue her weekly food production is now secure for some while, she has also been able to donate ten pop-up tents to Slough Outreach, something of which they have been in desperate need.

Thank you to NRA Roofing and Flooring Services for their generosity and of course a continued thank you to Mrs Lyons for spearheading this vital work on behalf of our school, for our community. We know it is very much appreciated.