Talk The Talk - Confident Communication for Life

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By Mr Whittaker

On Wednesday 6th November 2019, Year 8 students at Herschel Grammar School worked with expert trainers from the education charity Talk The Talk.

Talk The Talk’s mission is to improve students’ communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations.

Talk About Communication was an exciting and engaging master-class in essential speaking and listening skills within a creative classroom environment teaches students how to use persuasive language techniques to get ‘their message’ across. The day highlights and nurtures employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation skills.  Via numerous speaking opportunities, students are coached and supported throughout the day to deliver a structured two-minute presentation, on a topic for which they have a genuine passion, to their peers.

I surveyed our students and over 90% of our year 8s felt they made good or outstanding increases in their public speaking confidence during the day.