Pass on Plastic Winners and Sky Studios Trip

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Congratulations to Syeda Aaisha Masroor and Sabeen Salman for winning the best blog on the “Pass on Plastic” competition part of the Sky Ocean Rescue mission. Their blog, which can be downloaded below, was incredibly well written and with a powerful message.

The winning team, as well as some actively involved sustainability reps went on a VIP tour to Sky Academy Studios where they worked as a team to build a 4 part’ news report using state of the art equipment based on the winning blog.

They had the privilege to spend the day with the inspirational Sky journalist and Ocean Rescue Ambassador, Emily Penn and hear all about her journey in helping the islands of Tonga manage their plastic waste, which was ending up in the ocean. 

While doing a tour around the sky Headquarters they had the opportunity learn about how the innovative sector is working on finding alternatives to disposable packaging, such as the Ohoo biodegradable pouches made of seaweed that will soon replace plastic in drinks and sauces.

Name Date  
HGS y7 blog Aisha and Sabeen 7th June 2019 Download >