PSHCE Drama Workshop

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By Alexia Buhlea (Year 9)

On Monday, 30th September The Paper Birds theatre company came into Herschel and, as part of our PSHCE topic on "Drug Abuse," gave us the opportunity to watch their play, ‘Thirsty’. The cast also offered a selection of year 9, 10 and 11 pupils the opportunity to experience the creation of ‘Thirsty’ through a powerful two-hour long Drama workshop. This workshop gave everyone an insight on how The Paper Birds brought their play to life. People who participated took part in activities on how to develop real life scenarios, then developed their stories into acting in a less exaggerated way than normal.

The play performed by The Paper Birds was set in a bathroom, with different stories written on the walls. That was the most important part; people had called the theatre company and sent their drunk stories. That’s what made this play stand out. It was based on real stories, real people. There were always two storylines in this play and it wasn’t very difficult to understand which part was about which story. One was about a strong friendship between two friends who did everything together until their lives went separate ways, but who then met up in the same bar as the second story. The second story touched a lot of people emotionally. It was about an 18-year-old at university and who went out drinking one time with her friends. All her friends left but she stayed with a man she had only just met. She trusted the guy, she believed she would have a great time. In both stories, all the characters got drunk. The girl went home with the stranger and it all went downhill.

I would recommend people to watch this play so much because it made me aware of the powerful effects of alcohol, specifically through binge-drinking. The play itself gave me the chills because of how real everything felt.