Mars Apprenticeship Event

Mars 1

By Ameenah Mir, Year 12

I found the recent Mars apprenticeship awareness conference that I was given the opportunity to attend on 28th September to be of great value.

The Learning To Work staff were incredibly helpful and engaging with the students present, as well as the Mars apprentices that we had the fortune to meet, along with their superior; the one who reviews applications and overlooks the Mars apprentices. It was tremendously valuable to hear first-hand from the Apprenticeship Manager, and speak to him, as it enabled me to get a better understanding of what the company looked for in applicants.

Apprenticeships such as Engineering and Management were discussed in detail regarding aspects such as work hours, night shifts, salary, and the course to be studied. We also explored personal skills that we could put on our CV and potential job roles that may suit us. We were also given a CV template as an aid in the future.

There were students from a range of schools from Beechwood to Newland's Girls in Maidenhead, and we were made to work in teams of 5-6 on ice-breaker activities to learn more about each other and practise teamwork.

Overall, it was a rewarding experience in which I feel I gained insight into Mars, awareness of potential career paths for the future, and a head-start on my CV. I am grateful for having had the opportunity given to me.

With thanks to Nancy Lalor of Learning to Work for the pictures.