London Employability Skills Day

pathway girls

All of our sixth form students have the opportunity to sign up and work with Pathways CTM, a social enterprise that helps to connect up students with employers and careers opportunities, providing guidance and mentoring to do so. Pathways also organise and run their own events, one of which was the London Employability Skills Day during October half term, which Amandeep Dhak attended.

Amandeep writes: “My diverse A levels allow me to pursue a career in any field so by attending this event it allowed me to explore the different options I have as a future career. I learnt the different kind of options I have and that university isn’t the only thing I can do. This then allowed to me enhance my current skillset as I figured out my strengths and weaknesses. I have been to events like these before but going to this one with students of similar age but different backgrounds was a really great opportunity. They highlighted that there are many pathways we could take such as degree apprenticeships and apprenticeships that are currently available to us. I also got the opportunity to speak to different people from different companies. This was a great opportunity as they know what it is like to be in our shoes so they passed their experience and knowledge to us. We also were put into small groups and were told how we could enhance our CVs to increase our chances of employability. This was things like trimming down the stuff you don’t really need like the different events I have attended. They also recommended using stats and figures and highlighting my achievements as that will really make me an interesting candidate. At the end we even got the chance to ask questions in an interactive but anonymous way.”