Living Better with Tech – Our trip to O2


By Sabeen Salman 

On 27th  September, we were invited to work with other schools in O2 Telefonica’s ‘Living Better with Tech’ workshop. We participated in this workshop with two other schools, Garth Hill and Lynch Hill. It was a new experience and could have impacted our future.

While we were at O2, we had to make an idea for an app that could later be published. Our main goal was to get teenagers off their phones all the time and socialise instead. We were split up into nine teams to produce nine ideas. Everyone was also able to use Wix to set out their app and see how it would look if it were published. We were discussing things like augmented reality and how to incorporate learning into games.  

This experience really challenged our creativeness and imagination to create a unique idea totally out of the blue. It also helped with confidence as we had to present our finished ideas in front of the rest of the pupils attending, more than half that we hadn’t known before. The winning team had an idea of going outside and doing activities to earn points and having a chance to win some prizes.

We would like to thank Mr Wilkins and the staff at O2 for making this possible!