Important changes to the school calendar - Summer Term 2021

You are probably aware that GCSE and A level examinations are cancelled for this summer and that teacher assessed grades are to be provided to examination boards. This involves significant additional work to ensure our students are awarded the grades they deserve and one of the sessions will require use of curriculum time.

School will open late on the morning of Tuesday 4 May 2021.  

Pupils may be on site from 10.15am and sandwiches will be available to Year 8 pupils at 10.30am and to Year 9 at 10.40am.  Pupils must be on site by 11.00am (other than students in Year 12/13 if they have no lesson at that time).

For pupils using school transport Mrs Vucic will make you aware of changes to pick-up times. 

Mr Bourne made you aware of staff teaching and learning meetings in September, but please be advised that the session planned for Wednesday 19 May 2021 will now take place on Wednesday 26 May 2021 when school will close to pupils at 1.40pm, although pupils are permitted to leave at the end of their session 2 class. 

If required we can accommodate pupils until 3pm but please email me if you require this facility so that numbers can be managed.

The teaching and learning session on Thursday 17 June 2021 remains unchanged.

Key Dates

Tuesday 4 May 2021                        Teaching commences at 11.05am            

Wednesday 26 May 2021               Teaching finishes by 1.05pm

Thursday 17 June 2021                   Teaching finishes by 1.05 pm


Alison Oxley

Assistant Headteacher