Holocaust Survivors Visit Herschel

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By Zainab Inam, Year 9

On Monday 8th July, Year 9 and the sixth form History students were privileged to hear the testimony from two survivors of the Holocaust, Bob and Ann Kirk.

Throughout this term in Year 9 we have been studying World War II and the Holocaust, so we had been taught the facts and statistics, but we could still not comprehend the horrific events that took place, so hearing the testimonies really helped everyone to understand the tragedies of the Holocaust and the emotional, mental and physical impacts on millions of peoples’ lives. Even through the horrific events of the lives of Bob and Ann, they could still smile and help educate the young generations about the Holocaust.

Bob and Ann told us their life stories, and everyone was captivated as they listened and got the opportunity to ask questions, with people asking about their transition from Nazi occupied Germany to Britain as young children in 1938, their hopes and fears, the Kindertransport and about the experiences of their family who were still in Nazi Germany, who were later murdered in Auschwitz in 1941.

I believe that every student was grateful and honoured for the opportunity that was given to them, and that this was a very important experience to help us understand the horrific events of the Holocaust, the effects of racism and to help keep the memory of the millions of humans who lost their lives, so as human beings we can be educated and not allow such an event to occur again.