Herschel Time Capsule

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Herschel Grammar School buried a time capsule this week to commemorate 60 years on the school site. Following the original suggestion from School Council, pupils and staff selected items to be of interest to the future generation who open it.

Dear Future Generations

In this capsule, buried on 25 June 2019, we have selected items we hope you find interesting.

Has the school PE shirt changed and do you still wear ties?

You will find photographs of our school uniform and what the school looks like.  We can’t imagine what changes might have occurred before this is dug up, but we don’t expect you still use desk top computers!

What do you think of the calculator?    We are sure they will be gone in the future.

We wonder if you are still eating the same food, or have you all become vegetarian?

Every Christmas we celebrate by singing “ The twelve days of Christmas”.  It has been a tradition for over 30 years, so we hope you still sing this.

This year we have stopped selling bottled water, although many other bottled drinks are still on sale.  We have an eco committee who encourage us to think about our habits and encourage us to recycle. You can read some of their work.  

We hope we have begun protecting the planet for you, but expect you feel we had hardly started to make an impact. 


Herschel in the Future

Herschel in the future!
I wonder what it would be like?
Maybe hoverboards floating in the sky!
Or even robots for teachers.
Way less fossil fuel!
More jobs to be supplied!
Oooh invisible phone!
Pudding for lunch and breakfast for dinner.
Flying cars are already being invented,
Though there are very few being made.
Young people more involved in politics.
Why not more technology in schools.
One thing won’t change,
Herschel is a lovely place to live and learn!
This won’t change.

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Time Capsule letter from Ms Rockall 28th June 2019 Download >