Girls Can Create Tomorrow

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A group of Year 8 girls visited CA Technologies Ditton Park Manor on 4th October for a conference organised by Learning to Work entitled ‘Girls Can Create Tomorrow’.

Melinda Morkeh in Year 8 reports:

This was one of the best educational trips I have gone on! We had to learn to work with people we had never met before and cope with tasks under pressure. We were put into groups randomly and were given the task of building a section of our dream beach resort and had one mentor to oversee our work. We quickly had to get over the initial awkwardness of meeting new people and having to work with them for the next three hours. The organizers were very inspirational and helped us in getting over the nervousness that we had felt when first encountering each other.

In my opinion, the leaders were great at showing us what life was like working in STEM jobs as a woman. They shone a new light onto the industry and made me think more about a job in this sector. They also had us engaged whilst we listened. All in all, I think that CA Technologies was a great venue for such an inspirational and educational trip that could help to shape our futures.

Manahil Afzaal also reports:

It all started on Thursday 4th October when fifteen girls, along with Mrs Woodin, departed from Herschel to CA Technologies. Firstly we all gathered in the school foyer and went over the rules and expectations for the day with Mr Wilkins, then we proceeded towards the waiting minibus.

I must say that when we arrived the building was very attractive and looked like a castle! We were warmly greeted by two members of staff from Learning to Work who signed us in and gave us name labels. As we entered the enormous room, we were put into six different table groups with people we had never met before. At first it was completely awkward and uncomfortable, but in a matter of minutes we were all busy talking to our new friends.

For the first part of the day we took part in an interesting project to do with Lego. We had to recreate parts of a resort practically and think about all areas, eg accommodation, foods, activities etc. It was to be the best resort in the history of theme parks. Well, it definitely lived up to its name!

After a short break where we were offered some refreshments, we went onto the second sector of the day – a Q and A with females who worked in the field of technology and a ‘People Like Me’ quiz. In this, we got the answers to the questions we had in the back of our heads. When every employee had their turn of talking, we completed a quiz which tested our personalities and told us which job role would be the best for us. It was fun looking at the descriptions!

To conclude, I think this was a very valuable use of our school time and I personally feel that this event has taught me a lot.