Geography Fieldwork in the Wye

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The Year 10 students studying Geography have spent a day trying not to get their feet wet in the River Wye!

Based at the Field Studies Council’s Amersham centre, the day centred around looking at the ways in which the characteristics of the River Wye changed as it flowed downstream, and two sites near High Wycombe were visited to collect data on river geometry and velocity – one in the upper course and one in the lower course of the river. Field sketches and flood risk assessments were also carried out at each site. Secondary data on the river from 2018 was used to compare with the primary data they collected and to bring in more data collection sites.

Students are now writing up their findings as a mini enquiry and they will use their work to answer fieldwork based questions on hypotheses, methods, sampling, conclusions and limitations in the Paper 3 exam at the end of Year 11.