A Day at Credit Suisse


By Shreya Gaddam, Year 10

On 1st February, a brand new day started with a message from Herschel Grammar that school was closed due to heavy snowfall, but it was an exciting day for me because I was travelling to London to attend a workshop in Credit Suisse bank aimed at Year 9-11 female students.

Credit Suisse is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. We had a warm welcome at the reception upon arrival and started the day off with an icebreaker where we had to introduce ourselves to other people.

The day was planned as an interactive session in which students had the chance to hear from Credit Suisse staff of different backgrounds and departments about their roles at Credit Suisse, Campus recruitment and the opportunity to participate in following activities:

  • A Trading Game
  • The importance of wellbeing at work
  • Working in change
  • IT/STEM session

We learnt many interesting facts regarding Credit Suisse, such as Credit Suisse having 300 offices worldwide in fifty countries with 46000 employees. I also learnt about private banking, which is aimed at individuals with high net worth by investing money and providing services such as pension planning, inheritance advice, tax planning and life insurance. I also learnt about investment banking, which takes in money from people to be used for prime services, mergers, acquisitions and the debt capital market and gives the profits from the investments to the investors.

We played a very enjoyable Trading Game where we formed teams and were given pretend shares of social media companies. The aim of the game was to understand how the trade market works. In this game we had to trade shares of lower value to gain the shares of a higher value from the exchange, depending on the state of the social media share value at each round.

The importance of wellbeing at work had been briefed. There were many employee-led communities within Credit Suisse such as women-orientated, family-orientated, etc to organise health and fitness-related events.

The Credit Suisse team explained to us about how change implementation is important and outlined the structured approach for change management in the organisation. They also briefed us regarding programme management, where significant changes are coordinated across multiple projects and business units. The talk continued into new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Computing. I also watched a robot called Sammy and its fabulous performance of tai chi.

The CS team went on to explain about their campus recruitment scheme, which targeted people from educational institutions and their selection criteria. They explained how a CV should consist of education details, experience and personal achievements. A few essential tips for attending interviews were given too, such as trying to get background information on the company that you are attending, trying to distinguish yourself, being honest and not exaggerating too much.

To get further insights of financial/banking industry the following websites are helpful:

  • Financial Times
  • Bloomberg
  • The Economist
  • Forbes
  • e-Financial careers – for Finance jobs

Overall, I felt like the event was very fun and engaging. I gained a lot of insight in banking/finance and useful latest technologies like AI. Work experience at Credit Suisse was a fun and memorable experience. The Credit Suisse team recommended all girls to register at for latest news and future events.