Diversity in Football


By Humairah Khokhar, Year 12

Last week our Sixth Form had the opportunity to meet Paul, a retired footballer, who discussed the importance of diversity in sports and the ways to overcome discouragement caused by external factors.

Paul was confident and open when sharing his advice and views with us, which were shaped by years of discriminatory and knowledgeable experiences. It was an incredibly educational talk, which highlighted the stigmas created by ignorance, formed by negative stereotypes, which people continue to be uneducated on. Many of these experiences, some positive but most not, linked to who he was as a person, which often contrasted to how others perceived him. His advice resonated with us as the vast majority of our Sixth Form is made up of black and ethnic minority groups, who are all very aware of the difficulties prejudice has and can create.

“His advice was useful and very applicable” – Nifla Nazar

The advice he gave was important – if someone says something to you that causes offence, ask them what they mean by those words because by confronting them it starts to make those people think about their words, which creates time for revaluation and hopefully, an opportunity for self-growth.