BBC Radio Herschel

The Bhavan

By Diksha Murli, Year 10

"On Friday 21st June, I had my debut solo performance at the prestigious Bhavan Centre in London. As part of promoting Indian arts and music, my teacher had also lined up a few interviews, with prominent Asian newspaper ‘Eastern Eye’, ‘Pulse’ magazine and (the cream on the cake) with BBC Radio 3.

I had the great opportunity of being invited to the BBC Radio 3 studio to record an interview about Indian classical music and our teacher-student dynamic. I went to Broadcasting House in Oxford Street with my mum and my teacher and I could definitely feel the adrenaline rush when I reached the studio. We met our presenter Sara Mohr-Pietsch and she introduced us to the editing team.

The interview was very informal, with Sara wanting to know about Indian classical music and how the teacher-student relationship is passed from generation to generation. We recorded this in a series of questions and answers, with us singing in between. The questions were centered around the history of the music itself, compositions, warm-ups/vocal training and other musical influences I’ve had, from the perspective of being a 21st century teenager. The complete recording took around half an hour and we did it all in one take. The interview was relayed on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 15th June at 11:45am.

The whole experience was absolutely surreal and I feel very lucky to have been given that opportunity."

You can listen to Diksha’s interview at, scrolling forward to around 25 minutes into the program.