Price List



Juice Cartons 60p
Water (small bottle) 60p
Ribena Carton 70p
Juice Burst 80p
Bottled water (Flavoured) £1.00
Rubicon Springs £1.00
Yazoo 60p



Cheese/Egg Sandwich £1.45
Vegetarian Sandwich £1.75
Meat Sandwich £1.95
Deepfill Sandwich £2.15
Baguettes £2.25
Wraps £2.05
Tuna Pasta Pot £1.75
Feta Pasta Pot £1.95
Chicken Pasta Pot £1.95



Croissant £1.00
Bruschetta 50p
Samosa £1.00
Bacon/Sausage/veg sausage £1.20
Cheese muffin 60p
Garlic bread and cheese 60p
Waffles 65p
Single Piece Fruit 40p
Crisps 80p
Pretzels  80p
Cereal Bar 70p
Potato Rosti 60p
Jellies 60p
Fresh Fruit Pots £1.00
Small Yoghurt 50p
Large Yoghurt 75p
Cheese and Tomato Melt £1.20
Ciabatta Twist £1.00



Main meal  (non-vegetarian) £2.50
Main meal (vegetarian)  £2.50
Pasta Cup £1.50
Small Pasta  £1.30
Large Pasta  £2.10
Baked potato   £1.20
Baked potato (1 topping)  £1.80
Baked potato (2 toppings)  £2.20
Extra fillings    60p
Paninis £2.20
Biscuits 20p/40p/50p/80p  
Wedges  70p
Roll/butter/cheese 80p
Ketchup/Mayo sachet 10p


Updated January 2022