Study Skills

For Students 10

What type of learner are you?

Educational psychologists have identified a number of different learning styles, or ways of learning. However other psychologists and neuroscientists have questioned the scientific basis for and the theories on which they are based. In reality, most people display a combination of these learning styles although it is not unusual for one to be more dominant. By taking this questionnaire, you can investigate your own learning styles, which might give you some ideas on the different and effective ways to go about learning.

Independent Learning

The 'independent' part means that you must not be ashamed to like the things you like, or to dislike things that other people like, whatever people might say.  As an independent learner, you can speak your mind and be taken seriously, because you can understand the facts, concepts and issues and you can back ideas up with rational argument. 

Analysing and debating issues with other people are great ways to challenge your preconceptions and to form your own opinions. Independent learning is a journey of discovery and self-discovery.

Mind Maps

Mind maps help you to summarise your knowledge, generate ideas and make connections. They can also act as a powerful memory aid because they are visual. Mind maps are not for everyone, but give them a try if you are a strong visual learner. is a free mind map tool that helps you create and save mind maps online.