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Chess Tournament against Beechwood School on 27th February 2018

Beechwood School recently challenged us to a Chess Tournament which we eagerly agreed to. Sulaiman Malik, Yr 12 and Shreya Gaddam Yr 9 immediately started practice matches at the Chess Club held in the Library every Tuesday. 12 players were chosen from each school. Miss Joy, Library Manager from Beechwood, brought them over in the afternoon and players were drawn against each other randomly out of a hat. It was apparent from the start that the contest was going to be a serious affair, and with the clocks set for 10 minutes, silence ensued.

Several matches went on for the full 10 minutes, and although many were very close, Herschel took most of the first round wins. All players took a well-earned break with snacks provided by Mrs Lyons and then back to the boards! Herschel emerged victorious at the end of the afternoon and the new ‘trophy’ was presented to Sulaimain as team captain.

I would like to commend every student on the professional way they conducted themselves throughout the afternoon and to thank Mr Brown for his support. We hope to arrange a rematch in the very near future.

The enthusiasm shown by the players and onlookers tempted me to start a Chess League for students and staff alike. I hope more members will join the league over the coming weeks; all standards of player are welcome.

Mrs Downs, School Librarian