The library here at Herschel Grammar School is warm, welcoming and well resourced to support the highest possible levels of education through our provision of information literacy, delivering and supporting information literacy skills, as well as promoting reading for pleasure.

Any students in need of assistance in searching for, or using, any of the abundant resources our library has to offer, can seek aid from our library staff - Mr Liddle and his prefects.

Mr I Liddle

 Opening Hours

General opening hours

Monday - Friday
8.15am - 4.15pm

6th form opening hours

Week A

Monday - P1,2,3
Tuesday - P1,2,3,5
Wednesday - P2,4,5
Thursday - P2,3
Friday - P1,3,4,5

Week B

Monday - P1,2,3,4
Tuesday - P1,2,4,5
Wednesday - P1,3,4
Thursday - P2,3,4,5
Friday - P1,4,5

Author of the Month

Elizabeth Laird

Children’s writer and folklorist.
Her books include Crusade and The Garbage King.
















Useful Links

Check out Herschel's Scholastic page for cheap books:


For reading suggestions have a look though our recommended reading list:

KS3/4 Recommended Reading List (Download at bottom of page)

Iconic Reads for 6th Formers and Beyond (Download at bottom of page)

‘Diversity’: A Selective Multicultural Booklist (Download at bottom of page)



Name Date  
What is your favourite book 4th March 2015 Download >
KS3 Reading List 4th March 2016 Download >
6th form Reads 4th March 2016 Download >
Multi Cultural Booklist 4th March 2016 Download >