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Examinations are an inevitable part of school life.  At Herschel we aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

In order to increase familiarity and hopefully reduce anxiety, all learners complete formal examinations from Year 7.

We hope the information contained here is helpful.  However, should you need any help or advice please contact our examinations team.

Best of luck to those taking examinations over the coming months.  We are all rooting for you and look forward to celebrating your success in August.

Mr Schroder Examinations Officer & Data Managerrsc@herschel.slough.sch.uk

Mr Rodriguez Examinations and Data Administrator - jrd@herschel.slough.sch.uk


The new Autumn exams begin on 5th October for A level and GCSE students who were unhappy with their exam board calculate grade in August 2020 or those students who were not awarded a centre assessed grade.  Please see the timetable below.  Please note for those wishing to resit exams this is your only opportunity.

All candidates will have been contacted.  Please email the exams officer rsc@herschel.slough.sch.uk if you no longer wish to sit these examinations but have an entry.

Please see the following information regarding these exams.

Guidance for private candidates, Year 13 leavers and Year 12 candidates for the Autumn Exams

  • Morning Sessions will begin at 09:00 and afternoon sessions at 14:00
  • Please line up outside of school by the MFL gate. 
    • You will be escorted to the exam room by a member of staff.  Whilst waiting please complete the track and trace information by scanning the QR Code.
  • Do not congregate in groups, you should line up close to the railings running along with the front lawn.  Keep your distance and do not block the pavement.
  • Herschel Grammar School students should wait outside the sixth form block on what is known as Row J.
  • To avoid coming into contact with other year groups do not line up before 08:45 and 13:45.
  • If you are late you will need to report to reception and await a member of staff to come and get you or you will be escorted to the exam room.  This could take a while, so do not be late.
  • If you are late you will still finish your exams with all other candidates. Time lost will NOT be added on.
  • All desks will be spaced 2 metres apart.  You must have hand sanitiser and a face covering with you.
  • You will not be expected to wear face coverings once the exam has started but you may be asked to wear a face-covering when the invigilator is giving out and collecting examination scripts.  You may be asked to remove face coverings for identification.
  • Please bring ALL equipment with you.  NO equipment will be loaned out; this includes pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and calculators.
  • Please avoid bringing personal items to exams.  If you have to bring personal items and mobile devices you will be told where to leave them.  However, this is at your own risk.
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