Online Safety

900 506 7 online safety has teamed up with a number of broadband, mobile phone, internet and media providers to produce great advice to help manage your child’s online experience.

They have also produced simple guides to help you set up filters and controls on your home broadband. 

Please view the Online safety PowerPoint below (which was shown at Year 7 parents evening) and visit

Should you have any other questions or concerns please contact Mr Devereux


* NEW Click here for an online safety guide for parents/carers (on the Childnet website) with useful information on who to contact to help keep your child safe online. NEW *

* NEW  There is a new and helpful guide ‘Blocking and reporting guide’ on how to block and report any inappropriate or harmful material online on a variety of different platforms. This document is available to download at the bottom of this page. NEW *

* NEW  At the bottom of the page in the downloads, please see a new document from the Children's Commissioner on talking to your child about online sexual harrassment. NEW *


These Online Safety pages draw in articles and content from ParentInfo:,-apps-and-tech/all

Name Date  
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HOSted Issue 1 November 2021 3rd November 2021 Download >
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Talking to Your Child About Online Sexual Harassment - A Guide for Parents 12th January 2022 Download >