Mental health and wellbeing

Safeguarding and Help and Support

Mental health, wellbeing and support

Supporting pupils’ mental health and development is an important element of safeguarding. This page will be updated regularly with useful resources.

Where further support may be needed, the school can refer pupils to the School Nurse or the Educational Mental Health Practitioners. Further details on both areas of support are below.

Help from the School Nurse

A message from the School Nurse!

If you need health or wellbeing advice you can email your question to or drop-in to see me in the school health clinic held in school twice every half-term on Thursdays.

I can give advice or support if you have any concerns with: 

General Health (sleep, diet, exercise, medical needs), Self-care (hygiene, technology use, being a young carer), Emotional Health and Wellbeing (self-esteem, anxiety, anger, low mood), Healthy Relationships (bullying, sexual health, relationship abuse), Substance use (smoking, alcohol and drug use).

All health appointments and advice are confidential.

You can also visit the school nurse website at

Educational Mental Health Practitioners

The Mental Health support team offers support to children and young people with emerging, mild or moderate mental health difficulties which may be affecting everyday life. They can offer support with:

  • Managing worries
  • Low mood/depression
  • Exam concerns
  • Difficulties with emotions
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Problem solving

Further details are contained in the documents at the bottom of this page, Mental Health Support Team and the MHST leaflet.

Your child can self-refer, by using the contact details contained in this guidance or you can also contact your child’s Head of Learning or Mrs Maggie Smajlaj for guidance and support.

The Safeguarding page and the Mental Health and Wellbeing support pages on the For Student section of our website also contain useful information and websites. 

New School Counselling service

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new School Counselling service (Number 22).

We will have trained counsellors who will come into school to deliver individual counselling sessions.

What can they support with?

They can support with a range of concerns including, but not limited to: difficulties in school; friendships/relationships; coping with changes; family difficulties; personal development, feeling low or depressed, stressed or anxious or questions or confusion around sexuality or gender identity.

What would the sessions be like?

The sessions would be 50 minutes long in school and would be during the school day. Your child would receive up to 10 sessions.

How does my child get to see the School Counsellor?

If you would like your child to be seen by the School Counsellor, please contact Mrs Smajlaj on or your child’s Head of Learning.

Please be aware that there is likely to be a waiting list to see the School Counsellor.

For more information regarding this service, please read the documents at the bottom of this page or speak to Mrs Smajlaj or your child’s Head of Learning.

They can also offer group support sessions. For further information about this, please read the Student Support Group letter.

Which support would best suit my child?

We appreciate that it can be quite daunting trying to decide which support may suit your child the best. If, once you have read all of the information you are still not sure, please feel free to discuss with your child’s Head of Learning or Mrs Smajlaj, the Medical Needs Coordinator. 

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