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Examinations are an inevitable part of school life.  At Herschel we aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

In order to increase familiarity and hopefully reduce anxiety, all learners complete formal examinations from Year 7.

We hope the information contained here is helpful.  However, should you need any help or advice please contact our examinations team.

Best of luck to those taking examinations over the coming months.  We are all rooting for you and look forward to celebrating your success in August.

Mr Schroder Examinations Officer & Data Manager – RSC@herschel.slough.sch.uk

Mr Rodriguez Examinations and Data Administrator - JRD@herschel.slough.sch.uk

Qualifications and Grading 2021

As you are aware exams for summer 2021 have been cancelled by the Department for Education.

At Herschel we have just finalised our policy on how the school will be awarding grades (called assessed grades) for all students for 2021 qualifications (Year 11 and Year 13).

Assessed Grades will be evidence-based, which is not the same as a predicted grade. The evidence can be based on valid tests, assessments, classwork, coursework, essays, practical assessments and performances across the two years of study and, importantly, any future assessments which will be taking place over the month of May.

Students and parents must not pressure teachers to reveal the grades they are submitting or try to influence the grades, as doing so may be considered exam malpractice.  Teachers cannot submit higher grades for students unless they have evidence that they are consistently working at that standard. If teachers submit higher grades without evidence, they are committing exam malpractice, which jeopardises the grading process and risks grades being lowered. 

The most important message is that our students should continue to work hard, engage in all learning opportunities, do all that their teachers are asking of them.  If they complete all the assessments to the best of their ability, they will all have the chance to receive grades that objectively reflect their performance and move on to the next stage of learning.  

Unfortunately we will no be able to accept entries for private candidates due to the complexities of having to authenticate work.  There are other centres who have the funding and staffing to do this, so please use this link to find local centres approved to award grades for 2021.

Unfortunately we await guidance from Ofqual if there will be opportunities to sit exams in October (Alevel) and November(GCSE) 2021.

Please find below a range of attachments including our Centre Policy, letters sent to parents/carers, the powerpoint used at the virtual event on 30th March and the overview of assessments taking place across April and May.

Pleas find a link to the live recording of our information event on GCSE Grading held on Tuesday 30th March https://vimeo.com/531767814/9400acf9c6 Note the recording starts 05:40 minutes in

For the A level recording visit https://vimeo.com/531772038/b64c0720b8 Note the recording starts at 06:15 minutes in.

Results days for 2021 are as follows and further information will be released soon.

A level Tuesday 10th August 2021

GCSE results and Sixth Form enrolment will take place on Thursday 12th August

Should you have any queries, please email exams@herschel.slough.sch.uk

Year 11 - Exam Advice

During study leave do encourage your son/daughter to keep in touch with subject teachers, addressing any areas where his/her understanding is less secure.  Pupils can work in school if they wish, but should be in full school uniform. Pupils are also welcome in school to talk with their teachers, but should email to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Many parents ask how they can support their son/daughter, and of course, parents play a central role in their son's/daughter’s support network. Herschel works with a partner organisation called PiXL who have produced 10 tips for parents that are worth sharing with you. I am sure many of these ideas will not be new to you but I hope that there is something here that might be the “marginal gain” that makes the crucial difference.

PiXL have also been focusing on the links between a healthy body and a healthy mind. To this end they have worked alongside a professional chef to design some menu cards that you might like to try – see attachment. Each card explains the benefits associated with each meal.  Maybe you or your son/daughter would like to try some of these dishes. It might be a good break from revision.

I know that exam season can be an anxious time for pupils and parents alike. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance at this time.

Alison Oxley
Head of Learning Year 10 and 11

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