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What is PSHCE?

PSHCE stands for Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic education - bit of a mouthful, eh?

We combine elements of PSHE and Citizenship at Herschel to give you a balanced and rounded enrichment curriculum.

It's about making you ready to face the demands of the world outside school and covers things like:

  • relationships
  • sex education
  • managing your money
  • knowing where to get help
  • standing up for your rights
  • bullying and peer pressure
  • drugs awareness

At Herschel, we take PSHCE very seriously and believe it is vital preparation for your future - you don't learn everything you need in subjects like Maths and Science (or even Geography!)

So what is Citizenship then?

Citizenship is all about preparing you to be an aware, responsible citizen both now and in the future.

It's all about developing self-confidence, but also socially and morally responsible behaviour towards all groups of people.

It's all about becoming helpfully involved in your community, both inside and outside school.

It's all about the way our country works and those crucial elements of our lives such as the government, the police, the law.

It's about preparing you for the responsibility of voting in our democracy.

You will develop skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action through learning about these things.

When will you learn PSHCE?

At Herschel, PSHCE is taught in three ways:

within normal lessons
in PSHCE lessons with your tutor and form time
in PSHCE modules, covering topics like globalisation, politics and the government, identities and diversity of course all the Citizenship-related things that YOU do yourself, in school and out of school

You will record evidence of these activities in your Citizenship portfolios in form time

What will you learn?

For 2019-20, the following topics are covered.

In Year 7

  • Introduction to Herschel –helping students to settle in and deal with the changes from primary
  • Choices – A look at gang problems and knife crime
  • Drugs - smoking, alcohol
  • Relationships and Sex Education – healthy relationships, coping with puberty, consent, mental health
    (N.B. Resources available to download at the bottom of the page)
  • Citizenship – Learning about the government and how it all works
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on friendship, risk taking, jobs and heroes.

In Year 8

  • Public speaking - debating key topical issues
  • Sex and relationships - characteristics of a perfect partner, how you know when you are ready, contraception
  • Identity and diversity - racism, stereotyping,
  • Taking responsible action - putting together a project that could change our communities for the better
  • Financial capability
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on disabilities, bullying and careers.

In Year 9

  • First aid - a practical course geared towards saving lives
  • Drugs - types of drugs, understanding the risks
  • Careers - pathways after Year 9, choosing options, researching your future,
  • Financial capability - bank accounts, designing and costing out a fundraising stall
  • Sex and relationships - sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancy
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on positive relationships, safety, bullying and knife crime.

In Year 10

  • Sex and relationships – healthy relationships, sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancy
  • Global Citizenship - the pros and cons of globalisation and the trading game
  • Business and enterprise - producing a new product and campaign in a nation wide competition
  • Community cohesion - including a visit from local community group Aik Saath
  • European awareness - including a visit from a local MEP
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on teenage cancer, homelessness, domestic violence and exam preparation.

In Year 11

  • Careers - pathways after Year 11, apprenticeships, transferable skills, work experience preparation
  • Work related learning - writing a CV, interview skills, understanding labour market information
  • Study skills - how to skim read, how to revise
  • Drugs awareness - inlcuding a visit from former drug addict Shaun Attwood
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on careers, exam preparation, and work experience

In Year 12

  • Coping with sixth form - team building, managing relationships, study skills and staying safe
  • Preparation for driving - including a visit to the award winning Safe Drive, Stay Alive theatre event and session with Slough's road safety officer
  • Philosophy and ethics - debate centred around 'Touching the Void'
  • Public speaking - techniques for getting yourself heard!
  • Interview and VC Skills-develop the skills to make a positive impression in interviews and on CVs
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on preparation for voting, world development game, writing personal statements and The Big Debate

In Year 13

  • UCAS and student finance
  • Drugs education
  • Coping with university - surviving the first week, accommodation and travel, basic cooking, budgeting
  • Tackling Extremism-videos, debates and discussions about current events and how we can be safe and not get involved in risky behaviours
  • Tutor PSHCE lessons on preparation for voting, The Big Debate and finance decisions

Citizenship websites:

Newsround - click here for an up to the minute review of the main stories in the UK and around the world


What does it mean to be a citizen?  Click the link to Citizen X above to find out - lots of games and activities!

Click the link above to find out more about the UK government and parliament.

PSHCE related school policies

Click HERE to read the current school PSHCE policy, the current school policy on sex and relationship education, the current school policy on drugs education, and the current school policy on community cohesion.

Name Date  
Year 7 Lesson 1 Friendships and Relationships 27th May 2021 Download >
Year 7 Lesson 2 Relationships and Consent 27th May 2021 Download >
Year 7 Lesson 3 Mental Health 27th May 2021 Download >
Year 7 Lesson 4 Puberty and Body image 27th May 2021 Download >
RSE Withdrawal Form 27th May 2021 Download >
KS4 RSE Lesson 1 Respectful Relationships 27th May 2021 Download >
KS4 RSE Lesson 2 Being Safe 27th May 2021 Download >
KS4 RSE Lesson 2 Being Safe Activity 27th May 2021 Download >
KS4 RSE Lesson 3 Intimate and Sexual Relationships 27th May 2021 Download >
KS4 RSE Lesson 4 Sexual Health 27th May 2021 Download >
Year 8 Lesson 1 Marriage 14th June 2021 Download >
Year 8 Lesson 2 Relationships 14th June 2021 Download >
Year 8 Lesson 3 Peer pressure 14th June 2021 Download >
Year 8 Lesson 4 Stereotypes and misconceptions 14th June 2021 Download >