PE A-Level

Herschel Consortium 067a

Curriculum Overview

AS (Year 12)

Unit 1: Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle

Topic list

  • The physiological effects of adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • The short term effect of exercise and the long term effects of training
  • Analysis of movement across a range of sporting actions
  • Acquisition of skills and the impact of psychological factors on performance
  • Opportunities for and benefits of physical activity


Written Paper: 2 hours

Weighting: 60% of total AS Level marks

30% A Level marks

Unit 2: Analysis and Evaluation of Physical Activity

Topic list

  • Execution of skills in two roles (performer, official or leader/coach) in a chosen physical activity
  • Analysis of own performance
  • Application of theoretical knowledge to achieve effective performance


Internal assessment with external moderation: 100 marks

Weighting: 40% of total A/S Level mark

20% of A Level marks

A2 (Year 13)

Unit 3: Optimising Performance and Evaluating Contemporary Issues within Sport

Topic list

  • Energy sources and systems
  • Elite preparation and training
  • Specialised training and sports injuries
  • The use of psychological theories and techniques to optimise performance
  • Concepts and characteristics of World Games and their impact on the state and individual
  • Development and impact of sports technology on performers, equipment and facilities
  • The development of sport from rational recreation to its modern day format.


Written Paper: 2 hours (84 marks)

Weighting: 30% of total A Level marks

Candidates are required to answer six questions, two from Section A, two from Section B and two from Section C.

Section A looks at how the application of physiological factors can optimise performance.

Section B looks at how the application of physiological knowledge can optimise performance.

Section C evaluates contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer.

Unit 4: Philosophical Problems

Topic list

  • Optimising performance in competitive or performance conditions in one role
  • Evaluation of own performance in identifying weaknesses
  • Suggesting cause of own weakness and an appropriate corrective measure


Internal assessment with external moderation: 120 marks
Weighting: 20% of total A Level marks

Students are taught for 5 hours a week, with lessons taking place at both Herschel Grammar and The Westgate School as part of the Herschel Consortium for 6th Form.

Lessons are innovative with much of the theory content taught through practical activities, which engage students and inspire confident learning.

Access to learning resources for students is available through our Virtual Learning Environment, Studywiz.

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