Year 7

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Welcome to Year 7 Drama

This year you will be looking at a variety of topics including:

Term 1: DEVISED: Moving Into Drama

DEVISED: Pantomime

Term 2: DEVISED: Gloom Manor

DEVISED: Kabuki Theatre


“I think this topic was interesting as well as fun” – Anthea Cheung

“This was AWESOME. It is the best thing we have done this year and I want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!” – Krishi Wali


“I learned how the facial expressions can tell a lot on how you are feeling it also shows tells to the audience too. It helps the audience what going on.” – Nadia Hamid

“I would just like to say that I really enjoyed this half term doing Gloom Manor. I really hope we could do something like Gloom Manor in the future. I have had the best Half Term ever!” - Aaliyah Murtza

Term 3: DEVISED:Medieval Theatre

SCRIPT:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Some more Gloom Manor films

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KS3 grading criteria 2016 onwards 1st August 2017 Download >