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Welcome to Year 10 Drama

Why take GCSE Drama?

Term 1: UNIT 3/1: Baseline Assessment: DEVISED: Stanislavski: Growing up

Term 2a: UNIT 2: Live Performance Review 2b: UNIT 1: DEVISED: The Hillsborough Disaster

Term 3a: UNIT 2: SCRIPT: Brecht: Fear & Miseries 3b: UNIT 2 completed/UNIT 1 Mock

Welcome to Year 11 Drama

Term 1a: UNIT 2: SCRIPTED: Blood Brothers 1b: UNIT 1: DEVISED: Hidden Britain Term 2a: UNIT 2: Live Performance Review 2b: UNIT 3: Practical Assessment Term 3: Practical Assessment 

Year 11 Drama GCSE Showcase

This term Year 11 drama performed “The 39 steps” for their GCSE showcase both to an external examiner and select friends and family. It was the 30 minutes of performance that would dictate a large part of the grade and everybody was panicking. Due to variety of issues the lead up had been fraught and every group felt massively under-rehearsed. So the examiner arrived and sat in her chair in silence as our class just sat and watched. I had the duty of opening the show and was determined to set the tone and atmosphere for others to build on and somehow it all came together. Every person was the best I had ever seen them and it was amazing. Mrs Callender had warned us that she probably wouldn’t laugh but during my opening speech she did giving everyone the confidence to shine. No one could have improved, it was flawless. – Byron Jones

Year 10 Hillsborough Performance Showcase

 On Thursday 22nd May 2014 Year 10 GCSE Drama students performed a showcase of work at lunchtime in the Drama Studio based upon their practical exploration of The Hillsborough Disaster which will form a third of their final GCSE grade. The Hillsborough topic was very interesting as it was an extraordinary eye-opener for me. As a football fan I knew the details of the disaster but I had never completely understood the depth of the disaster and the impact it has had. I have learnt a significant amount about the Hillsborough topic. Firstly, from the six hours of practical exploration; where we had looked at different issues such as ‘the Media’ and ‘how it felt to be a victim’. During the topic I had also researched about a character stimulus (Derrick George Godwin, 24, who was a victim) and watched the docudrama on Hillsborough. I also researched the ‘Taylor Inquiry’; listening to songs related to the disaster and reading poems. Altogether it has helped me to learn more about Hillsborough Disaster. – John Abiona .In the next section of work students will be exploring the playscript originally performed at The Royal Court, London “East is East” written by Ayub Khan-Din. The Hillsborough showcase video can currently be viewed at the top of the page.

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