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Years 10-13 (age 15+)

Do you like Films/Theatre shows?

Or are you looking to complete your Skill or Volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

If you are aged 15-25 and interested in learning exciting new skills about organising, programming and screening film or working part-time in a professional theatre (age 16+) then please go to The Curve website for more information:


The creative industries are growing three times faster than the rest of the UK economy. 1 in 11 jobs in the UK is in the creative industries and 87% of those jobs are at low or no risk of automation according to the UK Office for National Statistics alongside the medical practitioners and educational teaching professionals. The government predicts that hundreds of thousands of jobs within the creative industry will be created within the next five years

There are some brilliant opportunities to find about more about a creative career in theatre of film over the next few weeks. Please do consider attending these festivals if this kind of career is of interest where you will have the chance to meet professionals such as presenters, performers, TV & film producers, production managers, sound engineers, technicians, architects, radio journalists, graphic designers, digital marketeers, playwrights, games developers, photographers and set builders.

This week’s #careeroftheweek is an Production Manager and the video can be found at

Katrina Gilroy describes the theatre production process and how and why the role of production manager has changed. You can also watch the video and read the transcript here: Get more information, advice and resources to help you develop a creative career at


 Another job is Technical Director

Technical Director Mike Cristaldi supervises the installation and engineering of the physical production of a show. At Philadelphia Theatre Company, he coordinates all the technical elements, such as scenery, lighting, sound, wardrobe, props, and video, between each of PTC's departments and a show's designers. He talks about how the new Suzanne ...

How does an Assistant Technical Director “turn art into engineering”? What education can help a person make a door look right…from 20 feet away? Learn how Lee O’Reilly combines skills, art, and craft to translate designers’ visions into scenery onstage at Center Theatre Group in this Working in Theatre video.

COMMON MISCONCEPTION - If I want to go into the medical profession, I cannot take Drama at A-Level


Actually, someone could select 2 sciences PLUS Drama and still go into the medical profession (RUSSELL GROUP - This is an outstanding way of showing that you can demonstrate a variety of skills and have a clear understanding of communication and human behaviour! 


Pinewood Careers Festival Saturday 16th November @ Pinewood Studios FREE tickets available at

Pinewood studios is offering young people a chance to see behind the scenes to discover the careers available in the Film and TV industry. The company want enthusiastic and creative individuals to attend the event on November 16. The day will involve a programme of demonstrations and Q&A’s with ...

Shepperton Studios careers festival in July 2020.

Meet the Creative Professionals - Saturday 23rd November 09:30 - 13:00 @ The Elgiva Theatre, Chesham. FREE tickets available at

discover creative careers week meet the creative professionals film tv radio design publishing museums galleries music vfx crafts animation photography games ...


If you would like more information then another useful link is at

Creative Choices is a resource for anyone that wants to work in a creative career. We promote jobs,advice articles and blogs from practitioners in the creative sector. We also hold live events for 13-16 year-olds and have an online panel of industry experts to answer your questions.

Useful PDF with detailed info @ Technical Director Job Pack, November 2019

Curious about careers in theatre? Explore our Working in Theatre series, which offers a glimpse into the many different jobs in the field—in the words of the...