A Level Business

Business studies

Aims of the Course

A Level Business is a course that helps you to make sense of the real world of business. Business theory is explored and investigated using real examples and your own experience.

The teaching staff have many years of practical business experience which they use to help bring the subject to life. They will expect you to have an enquiring mind and an interest in what makes the world go round.

Lessons are varied and you will be asked to contribute your ideas and opinions on a regular basis as well as participate in different group activities.

This is a popular subject that achieves top results. The new four Unit specification is designed to make the subject even more practical giving students the skills that directly transfer to running a successful business. Every aspect of the course has relevance, making this a living, breathing subject.

Curriculum Overview

At AS Level you will study:

Unit 1: Planning and Financing a Business
Unit 2: Managing a Business

At A2 Level you will study:

Unit 3: Strategies for Success
Unit 4: The Business Environment and Change
There is no coursework for this subject.

International Business is studied at A2 in Business Studies A level, with particular focus on developments in China and India.

Students have prepared material for the wall displays in their Business classroom summarising the main economic factors in China and India, together with Exchange Rates around the World, a timeline history of the EU, and information about The World Trade Organisation.

GDP for China and India will be updated quarterly throughout the year, and Exchange Rate changes will be recorded half termly.

All of this data, and more, will inform student responses to exam questions where they are required to apply their up-to-date knowledge to real business case studies.

Enrichment Strategies

Name Date  
Business Enrichment Strategies Year 12 4th February 2015 Download >
Business Enrichment Strategies Year 13 4th February 2015 Download >