Dave Tottingham

I was born during the Second World War and grew up as Great Britain recovered from the debilitating effect of over five years of total war, enduring strict rationing which ended in the 1950s. Right from an early age I have had a very inquisitive mind and enjoyed reading all sorts of books and periodicals, finding out what makes things tick and how things interact in our fascinating universe. I am fortunate to have a high IQ but I am also dyslexic which was not diagnosed until I was in my 50s. I spent five happy years at Slough Technical School, which is the former name of Herschel. I enjoyed playing sport as well as the rigours of studying for GCE examinations. I spent my last year in the current building which moved from the town centre (where the university buildings are) in 1958.

Leaving school I worked for nine years in the chemical industry making and analysing high purity materials for the semi-conductor industry. Eventually I left to study full time - Chemistry and a post graduate qualification in management at Kingston. I then joined a local authority and spent the next thirty-three years in facilities management.

I am married and have two children and two grandchildren with two more on the way. My daughter attended Herschel and she got me involved by asking me to stand as a parent governor. I have now been a governor of Herschel for over twenty years. I owe a lot to the school and being a governor is my way of saying thank you for a terrific all round education. I am still learning and last year passed my final exam and endured a nerve wracking oral examination to become a Methodist Local Preacher.

The ethos of the school has hardly changed since I was at Herschel with emphasis on ‘all round education’ which I believe will equip today’s students for the rigours of life in the 21st century.